Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Faith Song for His Glory - Sept 14th

Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am glad you came to join us for worship! We are here to glorify God in song! :) Kari has started this series that will be on Wednesdays every two weeks to start and today it is the kick-off!! :) woohoo! Welcome! I you came from the fantastic Kari then you are on the right track.

Here is the line-up in case you get lost and I don't want you to miss my designers and their wonderful stories and creations.

2. Susan - <-- YOU ARE HERE
3. Amy - <--- NEXT STOP

This song has been an all time favorite of mine for so many years. I have been so blessed to have felt God's presence in my life many times when I needed Him. One specific time was sitting in St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC very despondent. I was sitting in the darkened Church silently crying and praying when this overwhelming sense of peace came over me. Ironically, this experience and God's grace was to manifest itself years later when I wrote a song for my husband to record called, "Willingly". Even now that song is so powerful. I will be able to share it on my blog later. For now, I will share the video for El Shaddai (written by Michael Card and performed by Amy Grant)

I lay no claim to this video except that it touched me deeply.  It was my first time singing solo and I pray that God used me to touch someone else's life as mine has been. I am also submitting this layout for the Creative Team for Pencil Lines (Sketches for Scrapbookers).Until next time, be blessed and hop on over to the uber talented Amy