Sunday, May 31, 2015

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty.....

Ok, well maybe not me but I sure could not wait to get this beauty on the wall. It is a Home Decor project towards the back of the Seasonal Expressions 2 Idea Book and we decided that it would be our Close to My Heart team meeting project this month. I was super excited and could not wait that I showed up a half hour before we were to meet. I knew that this was going to be our mini crop workshop for our June get together and I made sure I was ready to rock and roll. Here is the finished result:

The class cost will be $15 and you will go home with extra sequins and twine. Not able to attend our mini crop and want to take the class? No problem! Just add $5 shipping and I will send the supplies to you. You can email me HERE for more information. 

For those who are local, the class will be given during our mini crop on Saturday, June 27th. For either local or mail order class kits, you must RSVP by June 12th so I can order the supplies. I am so looking forward to hosting this class/crop. Well, off to get crafty. Until next time...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thanks x 4.....

Happy Tuesday all and I am glad you stopped by. I am choosing to have an attitude of gratitude lately instead of allowing negativity to rent space in my head. So I decided "Why not make Thank You cards?" These cards literally took me a whopping 5 minutes to put together. Here they are:

I must say that you could triple the amount of cards made in no time with two pieces of 12 x 12 double sided paper. The paper pack I used was Blossom (which is currently unavailable but I have two in stock which may go quickly). I am loving the florals on one side and the patterns on the other. The CTMH Exclusive Ink Stamp Pads that coordinated were Lagoon, Sorbet and Pear.

The labels were from the May Stamp of the Month - Just Sayin'. You can only this with a qualifying order of $50 for only $5 (it retails for 17.95). There are 14 stamps included in this set:
I will be using this for my My Creations Hip Pics album to commemorate our camping trip this summer. The stamp sets I will be using with it are Hello Summer, Campfire Lifestyle and Camper Crazy. Going on a more elaborate vacation? We've got you covered with the Wanderful Scrapbooking Workshop on the Go and/or Paper Pack

The coordinating Exclusive Ink Stamp Pads are: Black, Crystal Blue, Gypsy and Honey. There is also these stamp sets to help commemorate your trip (Here We Go and World Traveler) and the Wanderful Picture My Life Scrapbooking program:

So bring on the adventures this summer even if it is in your own backyard (or camping out in the living room). 

Please remember that there are only 4 more days to order where it counts for this month's charitable contribution to PS 37 Crop for Autism. You can read all about it HERE. There is no order too small and the kids need you. Please email me with any questions. Until next time... 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Like you Latte.....

Happy Sunday All!

Here we have an extended weekend for Memorial Day. I get a 3 day weekend to remember all my family who have served and continue to serve the US Navy. It also meant I had a crafty day yesterday to work on my swap cards for next week's Close to My Heart Team Meeting. Planning the prototype to be replicated multiple times always seems to take forever. Plus I had to stamp and color the coffee cup multiple times. I have a crafty confession to make. I had to cut the labels 3 times to get the size right. Anybody else have these troubles? Well, in keeping with my K.I.S.S. theme this month (Keep It Simple Silly), I wanted something clean but still colorful. Here is my card that I replicated 8 times so far:
I did enjoy the coloring immensely as I have not done it in a while. I have also decided that I will be contacting CTMH Corporate to ask they design more sentiments that use two different fonts. I love the look of the latte in script and the rest in print. Here are the items I used:

* CTMH Blossom Paper Pack (currently unavailable as it is so popular but I have two in stock)
* CTMH Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads: Black and Lagoon
* CTMH Exclusive Cardstock: White Daisy and Lagoon
* CTMH Treats of Friendship Stamp Set
* Markers 

I decided to ink the edges to give it more dimension and love how they turned out. You may be interested in the Blossom Cardmaking Workshop on the Go (pictured below). You can make these cards in no time with the cutting guide. It is also a great value.

We are winding down the PS 37 charity contribution (there are 6 days left). 10% of every sale this month will be donated to the PS 37 Crop for Autism. No order is too small and the need is great for equipment for the students at the school. I appreciate all who have placed orders already and hope to have more to give back to the school. You can access my website at

Well, off I go to get some down time in with the kids. Thanks for stopping by and until next time....

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Good evening all and I hope this post finds you well....

For Mother's Day I decided to treat myself to a card class (actually 2). While watching a movie with the kids, I decided to make the first card type. Here it is:


- CTMH Paper Bird Hostess Rewards Stamp Set (from Seasonal Expressions 2 Idea Book)
- CTMH Finding the Words Stamp Set (D1646)
- CTMH Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads: Flaxen (Z2642), Thistle (Z2640) and Cotton Candy (Z2193), Black (Z2105)
- CTMH Smoothie (X5763) and White Daisy Cardstock (1385)
- CTMH Durables Triangle Studs (Z1928)

And here is the second card:


- CTMH Dizzy Circles Stamp Set (C1610)
- CTMH Finding the Words Stamp Set (D1646)*
- CTMH Exclusive Inks Stamp Pads: Flaxen (Z2642), Thistle (Z2640) and Cotton Candy (Z2193), Black (Z2105)
- CTMH Smoothie Cardstock (X5763)
- CTMH Flamingo Dots (Z1928)

I have to say that this is the coolest (and easiest) cards that I have made in a while. I look forward to learning other cards now too. My craft room has been seriously neglected lately. I am going to sqeak one more card in tonight.

Please remember to support my charitable donation to the PS 37 school for much needed equipment for the students with special needs. I am donating 10% of my sales to this worthy cause. You can shop here:

Also, Should you know of any vending opportunities in the NY, NJ or PA area, please let me know. I love traveling and teaching workshops. Off I go for now. Until next time....

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hurray!!! I can finally post this....

Greetings all and I hope that this blog post finds you well. I have a little confession to make. I was a but late sending my Mom her Mother's Day card (okay it was by 1 day but it was still late LOL). Well it took a bit extra time as I wanted to make the inside as thoughtful as the outside. 

I have been experimenting with new types of cards to broaden my skills and came across this Herringbone card. Well it screamed QUILT! to me the first time I saw it. Since my Mom loves to quilt (and especially applique), I knew I had to make it for her. I cut the strips a 1/4" wide to give it a scrappy quilt feel. Here it is: 

The heart reminded me of applique. The supplies I used are as follows:

- CTMH Blooming Heart (M1049)
- CTMH Artfully Sent Cricut Collection Stamp for sentiment (Z3017)
CTMH Blossom Paper Packet (X7196B)
- CTMH Exclusive Inks! Stamp Pad Black (Z2105)
- CTMH Surecut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (Z1783)
- Colored pencils

I watched a video on Youtube to get the gist and then went to town. Inside was a note for her that included 3 of the many reasons we love having her as a Mom and Nanny. Mission accomplished as she loved the card and thought to herself it would make a really great quilt design. 

Thanks for stopping by and remember that all orders this month will contribute towards 10% donation to the PS 37 fundraising crop. You can read more about this charitable donation HERE. Off I go to spend time with the kids. Until next time.....

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time to give back

Greetings all,

On May 2nd I was blessed to vend at a crop to benefit P.S. 37 in Staten Island. There is such a need for equipment for the children who have developmental delays, are autistic, etc. This cause is near to my heart and I have chosen to donate 10% of all proceeds from this month's sales back to the school. My website is So please place an order of any size to help contribute to help the children in need. No order is too small. It all starts with you and me smile emoticon Thank you in advance for spreading love and generosity.

NOTE: If you know of any charitable cause, please share with me as I am happy to donate 10% of my sales every month.

Happy Mother's Day..

Good afternoon all!

I could not let the day go by without sending wishes for a very Happy Mother's Day. This year was one of reflection for me as to what is important about the day. Seeing all the posts of the presents that people have received can make someone feel a bit sorry for themselves. I changed my perspective this year. This Mother's Day I am choosing to celebrate the amazing Mother who gave me life and the 3 amazing children who have made me the Mother I am today. I am grateful for the blessings in my life and all those who took the time to send good wishes. I received breakfast in bed and a handmade card from my sons and a handmade card with a poem written by my daughter. I would not trade these for all the candy, flowers and gifts in the world. To me this is a testament that I have done at least one thing right in life.

So for my children, here are 3 reasons (of many) that I love being their Mom:

1. You all bring do much joy into my life with your love, compassion and humor

2. You all make me want to strive to be the best Mom (and human being) I can be

3. You have made me proud of all the times that you have done something kind for one another or others to make the world a better place

So here is to all the Mom's (and single Dad's that serve as Mom's too). May you be as blessed as I am. Until next time here is a pic of my Mom and my kids....

Friday, May 8, 2015

Holy moley macaroni.....

Has it been a wild ride Mr. Toad. This past month has really kicked me in the pants. We have had family excitement, 2 rounds of stomach flu and two crops (one local and one in another state). I have finally unpacked and am ready to get back to some craft time. Up next, a card for my dear Mom for Mother's day. Yes I will be late but she understands. Thus why I love my Mom even more!!! I hope that you all have had a great month and that you are treating yourselves well. 

Being a Mom of 3 will afford me some creating time the next several days. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you all soon.