Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi ho, it's Kermit the Frog here....

okay, not really but I feel like a toad. We are experiencing a very weird weather pattern. One minute it is raining cats and dogs and then the sun shines. Hmmmm.....

I have been busy making loads of projects for special features that I cannot share but also made items that I can share. I have also decided that I will start a guest designer feature to share some wonderful blogs with you. It seems that my papercrafting world is expanding greatly. :)

First, I had a visitor in my craft cave yesterday. My son David decided to stop in from a video game break to say hi! I just had to snap this picture of him as it amazes me how quick he is changing. He is 13 1/2 going on 20 .
If you look towards the bottom of this pic you will see the project I was working on. I have a large cup holding my colored pencils, a desk organizer for my gel pens and tools but needed something for my Copic markers. I was at M's and found this for 99 cents (which was further reduced by 25% as I had a coupon):
Now I am all for the color red but it did not fit in with the other items. Soooooo, I took a Cricut cut from Simply Charmed. I had some paper that I got who knows where and decided to cover the red. Of course, why would I measure, and I still had some red showing. So ribbon to the rescue! Covers all manners of boo boos. Everything here was from scraps including the ribbon. Here was the end result.
Is this going to win any beauty contests, nope. But the funny part is I won't even be using the lid. On the off chance I will be I just had to cover it. I thought about doing this and covering the lid with a corresponding fabric and tie a ribbon around it. There is another gift idea for you all. Since the holiday season will be here before you know it, we all need to get busy.

Now onto a bit of exciting news. I am a member of Pencil Lines CT. I did my first layout for their sketch challenge and I am hooked!!!! Please click the link above to go to their fabulous blog and play along. Here is a picture of the layout that I submitted:
I think we have spent more time at the movies than anything else. Not pictured here is Transformers and Captain America because I ran out of space .

Well all, I will have more items to share with you a bit later as I am scheduling posts to go live on the appointed time. I am participating in quite a few hops that you can see on the right side of my blog. I hope you will come out and hop along with us. Until later....