Saturday, April 28, 2012


Welcome to the Which Disney Princess Am I Blog Hop -

Every girl both old and young alike love to be a "Princess" and we really aren't old to believe we are a princess. Today's hop is going to include our favorite Princess with clues and then the final reveal with our project displaying which Princess we are --- NOW, the question is, how well do you know your Disney Princess.

There will be blog candy of course --- your very own Princess Crown and a Piecing Project of your favorite Princess by remarking on each stop on the royal kingdoms along the way!!!

Some day my Prince will come but, I will always have my crown as these princesses have for you along the way:

Lynne -
Tami -
Susan - <-- YOU ARE HERE
Colleen - <-- NEXT STOP
Janet S -
Ashley -
Barbara B
Gill -
Beckie -
Pamela ~

Well, for my clues to the identity of my favorite princess are:

1. She lost her voice
2. She longed to be part of His world
3. She always had something fishy going on

Who am I?

Well if you guessed Ariel AKA the Little Mermaid. You are right!!! Here she is:

Last year I had a Princess hop for my birthday and this year I want an Ariel birthday. I am a kid at heart after all :) I found this cake that just looks delish:
And what is a birthday party without goodie bags. So I decided to make two different kinds to choose from. One is your standard goodie bag with some sea treasures (AKA gummies):
And the other is a Cubeet Ariel. The treats go inside of the boxes:
I have to say that I am leaning towards the traditional as the cubeet is a bit of a pain to put together. I hope you enjoyed your stop here and now swim on over to the amazing Colleen :) Until next time.....