Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Designer: PurpleFuntastick Creations

Greetings all! Happy 3rd day of the New Year. I am still thinking positively as I am doubly blessed. I was Faith Verse Guest Designer for my dear friend Kari yesterday and today I get to be Guest Designer for her PurpleFuntastick Creations Group. You have to check out her blog HERE as she has the most talented friends (as well as being amazing herself!). Since it was a New Years theme, I had to share this little notecard (that came in a small painters tin) that I got for $3.00 (there were 12 total) from TJ Maxx!!! I love a bargain and new that I would be able to make something fun with these. Well I love the little champagne glass from Simply Charmed. Of course I had to cut it really small (2" to be exact) and my friends will tell you that layering for me is a challenge (I am too fussy). Well, I had to draw in his eyes and such as the cuts were too tiny for the Cricut. I also had to tiny New Year's sentiments but love the colors from the gel pens. Here is the mini notecards. If I had been earlier then I would have made a bunch of these to send :) Here is my mini Happy New Year card:
Thank you to Kari for having me as a Guest Designer today as it is always a blessing. Wishing you all an amazing day. Until next time...