Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't sleep in.......

Today was the best day to sleep in. Nothing pressing to do this morning and needed the extra z's after a busy work week. The sad thing is I can't. Nope, not my internal clock waking me up but two things; first is that I wanted to post this yesterday and, second, my craft room is calling me. So resistance is futile; blog post first and creativity next.

I hope this post finds you and yours extremely well. This week has been a long one after DH having surgery last Friday (he is recuperating quite nicely) and the end of the month approaching at work. During this time I was blessed to receive two of my blog hop wins that I spoke about in my previous post. I wanted to share the pics with you. Here is the Peachy Keen Stamps that I won and I will be using these angels on my kids Christmas cards. It amazes me when something beautiful comes out of tragedy. 

If you notice on the packaging it states that the proceeds from the purchase of these stamps (purchased between Nov-Dec 25th) will be given to the Make a Wish Foundation. So please visit if you wish to order these stamps for a wonderful cause.

This box came the day after my husband's surgery. We are rarely apart and the two days he was in the hospital were very difficult. After 10 hours in the hospital that day, I came home to a very large and heavy box. I was amazed and unwrapped each package with my daughter. I can't wait to play with all my new toys :) Here is what the box contained:



Thanks so much to Lisa ( and Dorcas ( for making my week a little brighter. Well, it is time to get motivated. I pray to have some cards to show you a bit later. My oldest wants my help in making a card later so we may have some extra special cards to show :) Until next time....