Sunday, January 9, 2011

It takes my son to figure out the Gypsy...

I thought since I was iced in this morning, that it would be a creative day. WRONG! I have had very little sleep and my technologically advanced son decided to play with the Gypsy. He wanted a chatcka box to hold things. Most were feminine so he bought two plain ones. Today he christened the Cricut Pagoda cartridge and the Gypsy to decorate one box. I was quite impressed. Here are some pics:

There are two dragons on two sides of the box

This is the top

And here are the bridges on the other two sides.

It definitely nice to cut out 12 x 12 pages of images that you need for the layout. I was going to try to design a birthday card for a dear friend but the Gypsy died! I did make a card for a Bat Mitzvah and then decided to make some beaded charm holders for my husband's DSi XL and my Gypsy!!! I needed an easier way to pull the stylus out and figured I could make my life easier. Voila!

I am actually considering making these for sale. I think it would make many people happy.

Here is the bat mitzvah card I made for my son's friend:

Simple but still pretty. 

Well, it is now time for bed. May tomorrow bring you loads of creativity. Until next time...