Sunday, September 22, 2013

What a productive day!!!

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday all!

I was feeling a little under the weather this morning and decided to put together some scrapbook pages. I have a list that is longer than I care to admit of pics needing to be scrapped but at least I am getting them accomplished sooner than later. Here are some pages that I have put together this past week:

Saturday Dinner with the VA Cuzzins

Biking the Oceanfront - Virginia Beach, VA

A Visit to Titi Mercedes and Tio Joe's House

Our Puppies - The best snugglers
All the layouts above except the dog one I made myself. The one with Tina and Juliet I bought from a very talented friend awhile ago and just printed pics for it. Now onto a card that I have to get done and then some scrapbook pages. Hoping for another Dexter marathon today when hubby is finished with his current video project (Our son David's first marching band performance @ Freehold Township High School). I am very grateful to have all these wonderful memories to preserve. Until next time.....