Monday, September 7, 2015

Greetings all and Happy Labor Day

Today I am feeling the call to create but the organization call is stronger. I need to get ready for the local Crop for Saturday and then the Breast Cancer Crop on the 26th. So many wonderful exciting things. I have been celebrating my birthday weekend (I may extend it out the rest of the month) and cannot feel more blessed. We started on Friday with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings with my amazing friend Aimee and the kids and then they had booked an appointment for me to get my 2nd tattoo. Here are some pics:

Saturday we went to the NY Aquarium where is was SO HOT!!! The kids shared a coke with an MVP- ME...

We even had the original Nathan's and L&B Spumoni. I showed them things I did, where I grew up and where I lived when I was a young'in. It is important that they learn their parents history and I am so glad we did it. Now for my 50th they can plan a party and send me on a Hawaiian cruise lol. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day and will be back creating soon. Until next time...